Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Free e-Books on Clean Drinking Water

Over the past several decades, water quality monitoring technology has rapidly evolved to meet the needs of regulatory agencies, universities, environmental consultants, and municipalities. Our recently released e-book documents the ever changing story of water quality monitoring and how we fit into the world of environmental stewardship.   The Evolution of Water Quality Monitoring by Brandon Smith will let you discover how YSI technology has evolved over time and used to better understand our world's most precious resource.

New Jersey American Water presents WATER BASICS, an inside look on how water gets into your home or business.

Evert Earth Day, in homes and schools across the country, many will spend the day instilling a sense of environmental responsibility into their children or students.
While we commend these efforts, we can’t help thinking that Earth Day is far more important to be limited to just a 24-hour period.  And that the best way to teach kids a little bit about responsibility is to have a little fun.
So we decided that the best thing that we could do is help ensure your students or children recognize the importance of  Earth Day – every day.  And, of course, make sure they have a little fun.
In the free new eBook, Free New eBook - Water Conservation for Kids: Projects and Activities to Make Every Day Earth Day we share quick facts that will resonate with kids and help them to better understand the importance of conserving water, stopping pollution and preserving water quality.  These facts are complimented with real-world stories of projects completed by kids across the country and lots of ideas for games or projects that your kids or students will love!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Free eBooks on Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Substance Abuse provides us free e-books on the excessive use of drugs and alcohol.  Book titles include:
  • Drug Crazy
  • Born Broken
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment
  • Preventing Drug Abuse Among Children and Adolescents

Rid the world of prohibited drugs.  Sign-up at the Drug-Free World Online Education.

IPI E-books offers the following downloads:

Problem Drinkers

Alcoholism in a Shot Glass

The Treatment of Drug Abusers

Grandmother Goes to Rehab

Programs to Control Alcoholism

and many, many more ..........
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