Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Black Holes

Free eBooks on Black Holes Download

Your Free Black Holes eBook from the Sky And Telescope Magazine! Each of the four articles covered in this free eBook from Sky And Telescope magazine helps to reveal the mysteries of super-massive black holes, including how they form and what role they play in the larger galaxy. One day, we might even be able to observe the beasts themselves. Until then, we're left to marvel and learn as much as we can about them.

Free Black Holes eBooks in Free Science! Titles include: 
  • The Galactic Center
  • Black Hole Phenomenology
  • Quantum Mechanics of Black Holes
  • The Thermodynamics of Black Holes
  • Gravitational Waves and Black Holes
Introduction to Black Hole Astrophysics. This book is based on the lecture notes of a one-semester course on black hole astrophysics given by the author and is aimed at advanced undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in astrophysics.

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