Thursday, September 20, 2012


Free Obesity Ebooks

Obesity: A Reference Handbook helps readers unravel the connections between obesity, genetics, and the environmental and behavioral factors that might exacerbate the condition. It brings together the latest findings from a wide range of recent studies, including those aimed at defining obesity, analyzing diets, and evaluating medication and surgical treatments. The handbook also explores the economic and social ramifications of obesity, covering issues such as weight discrimination and the complex question of how to determine responsibility for prevention and treatment. Readers will also encounter the researchers, businesses, activists, and government agencies working to alleviate obesity in the United States and worldwide. 

Obesity (Health and Medical Issues Today) Book Every day, newspapers and television news programs present stories on the latest controversies over healthcare and medical advances, but they do not have the space to provide detailed background on the issues. Websites and weblogs provide information from activists and partisans intent on presenting their side of a story. But where can students - or even ordinary citizens - go to obtain unbiased, detailed background on the medical issues affecting their daily lives? This volume in the Health and Medical Issues Today series provides readers and researchers a balanced, in-depth introduction to the medical, scientific, legal, and cultural issues surrounding obesity and its import in today’s world of healthcare. offers a 100% discount (as of September 20, 2012) on The OBESITY CURE. At last, a breakthrough in nutritional science that identifies both the cause and solution of obesity, America's #1 metabolic disease. Using a lifetime of scientific achievement and clinical insight, Nobel associate and author, Dr. George Scheele, explains how to use nature's gift--Power Amino Acids--to avoid "addictive taste disorders"? and harness the body's own feedback mechanisms to tame appetite, rebalance metabolism, and normalize body weight.

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