Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Alzheimer's Disease

Free e-books on Alzheimer's Disease

Would you recognize the early signs of Alzheimer's?  Click the link and find out!

Alzheimer's disease is characterized by memory disturbances and changes in personality and is associated with aging, although it can occur in people under 65. It is a progressive disease, painful to witness as the patient's health declines. Alzheimer's Disease: Cause(s), Diagnosis, and Care, with its complete and authoritative discussions, will help you understand all facets of this complex disease. This book addresses a broad spectrum of topics ranging from diagnosis, causes, treatment, epidemiology, genetics, risk factors, and care and management. Alzheimer's Disease: Cause(s), Diagnosis, and Care is intended for a diverse audience, including practitioners and students, family members, and everyone who is concerned about this disease.

You are not alone.  Millions of people are afflicted with this disease.  Join the Alzheimer's Association, a helpline website that answers questions about Alzheimer. 

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