Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Internet Articles on Gold

You want to know more about Gold? Here is your answer. Gold, a metal with the chemical symbol Au, is a very highly sought after precious metal. Gold rushes were very common in history as thousands flocked to hot spots to try and make their fortunes. This article will answer the question who discovered gold and look at eight fascinating, fun and slightly educational facts about gold. Read more at Want To Know It?

Swiss bank UBS have a breakdown on gold that surpasses anything we've seen before. The report is extensive, pointing out the precious metal's power to beat inflation and market risk.  We have some of the best charts from the presentation here, along with photos of the gold coins UBS highlights in their report.

Many people invest in gold to provide to provide a hedge against changes in the economy and the market. Gold has a long tradition of being used as a safe investment. Before you begin to invest in gold bullion bars you need to understand a little more about gold. Read this article.

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