Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Electric Cars

Free eBooks on Electric Cars

"While the classic battery electric car continues to make only a small impact on the automobile market, other types of electric vehicle, especially hybrids, have made significant and promising improvements. Moreover, small battery electric vehicles such as bicycles and mobility aids are also developing well. Presenting more than 160 diagrams and pictures, this book explains the science and technology behind these important developments, and also introduces the issues that underpin the design and performance modelling of electric vehicles."

Insider Secrets Revealed. The book will answer a few questions for you:
  • How does an electric car work?
  • Differences Between An Electric Car and a Gas Powered Car
  • Are There Other Benefits of Driving an EV?

Are You Sick And Tired Of The High Gasoline Prices? Why Not Convert Your Gas Guzzler To Run On Electricity Instead. Download A Free Copy Of The 20 DIY Electric Car Conversion Videos E-book To Get Started 

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