Friday, February 25, 2011

History of Libya

Free eBooks on Libyan History

Click here.

Free eBooks on Libya may be found at the Ebook Library.  Titles include:
  • Renaican Arabs
  • Contemporary History of Libya
  • Libya at the Dawn of a New Era
  • The Rise and Decline of Libya As A Rogue State

Download interesting facts about Libya. NETTOPDF presents Facts on Libya: Oil and Gas.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hippology (The Study of Horses)

Free Hippology eBooks

Free Hippology Handbook! A handbook designed for 4-H members may now be downloaded for free. Grab your copy and increase your knowledge on horse-breeding.

This eBook is made available by the Internet Archive, which is a non-profit association dedicated to the archiving and preservation of digital materials. E-books contained in the page are currently available on the Kobo site in DRM-free PDF or as ePubs for Adobe Digital Editions. Smartphone support coming soon!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Egyptian History

Free eBooks on Egyptian History

Occult Underground  offers free e-books on Ancient Egypt. Book titles include:
  • The Book of Gates
  • The Book of Am-Tuat
  • Egyptian Myth and Legend
  • Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World - Volume 1
  • Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World - Volume 2

Read FREE Egyptian text books online at ALDOKKAN, the home of Ancient Egypt.

What distinguishes Egyptian deities like Isis and Thoth from their Greek, Roman, or Nordic counterparts? Ancient Egyptian heroes were usually magicians, not warriors. A succinct survey of the complete world of Egyptian myth, this book covers principal themes and concepts, as well as the most important deities, demons, and other characters.

Download and read The Story of Ancient Egypt at You may have to register to download. If not, read the book online. Find other related books written by George Rawlinson. Visit now!

If you are interested in Egyptian Archaeology, go to the Archaeology post.

Heart Disease

Free eBooks on Heart Diseases and Stroke

Free PDF books on heart diseases are available for download. Visit Heart Disease and choose from a selection of free e-books, listed below:
  • The Heart
  • State of the Heart
  • Understanding Heart Disease
  • Healthy Heart Handbook for Women
  • Yale University School of Medicine Heart Book

The atlas addresses the global epidemic of heart disease and stroke in a clear and accessible format. This highly valuable reference material has been designed for use by policy makers, national and international organizations, health professionals and the general public. This picturesque atlas is in six parts: cardiovascular disease, risk factors, the burden, action, the future and the past, and world tables.

Hypertension is a sign of heart disease.  Know more about it.

Challenges for the treatment of valvular heart disease include the growing need for effective yet less invasive interventions and therapies to treat these progressive conditions. With the development of potential new treatments, it is crucial for cardiac physicians to be well informed on the pathophysiology, assessment, treatment options and their outcomes of valvular diseases. Written by a highly experienced and internationally recognized group of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, and researchers, Valvular Heart Disease offers insights into the widely varying hemodynamic effects and clinical course of heart valve conditions, as well as the contemporary management of these conditions. Offering a broad perspective on these diseases, Valvular Heart Disease expands on the recent guidelines developed by the major heart societies in the United State and Europe.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Free Hypnotism eBooks

Free e-book:  Hypnotic Relaxation.  In today's fast-paced world most of us are affected by the stresses of daily life. One way to combat stress is to learn how to remain calm and relaxed at all times and in all situations. Regular use of Hypnotic Relaxation will help you achieve this.

FREE HYPNOTISM EBOOKS!  Get Ebooks 4 Free!  Book titles include:
  • Hypnotism and Spells
  • The Art of Hypnotism
  • How to Hypnotize People
  • Practical Hypnotism: Theories and Experiments
  • Seven Succcess Secrets of Hypnotism Practice

LEARN HYPNOSIS ... NOW!  Now you can be one of the elite group of people that know the secrets of hypnosis! We'll take the mystery and the hocus-pocus out of hypnosis and give you the facts, in plain, easy to read English. No PhD is required. No degree or even knowledge of psychology is needed. There is no age limit, no restrictions. Yes, even you can learn hypnosis... Now! Free downloadable hypnosis induction included! Details inside the book, so download it now!
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