Thursday, January 13, 2011


Free Microfinance eBooks presents a free PDF book:  Microfinance and Financial Sector Development.  The microfinance movement has known an important growth during the last couple of decades.  However, growth seems unequally dispersed among countries and institutions.  This paper analyzes the relationship between performance of microfinance institutions (MFIs) and the development of the formal financial sector of the country in which the MFI is active.

Free PDF books for download are available at  Topics include:
  • Micro-Financing
  • Access to Financing
  • Micro and Small Business Finance
  • Financing Micro-finance Programs
  • Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Financingn in India

Free Powerpoint presentations for download are available at  Topics inlcue:
  • Microfinancing
  • Islamic Approaches of Microfinancing
  • Mass Banking and MFIs in Saudi Arabia
  • SME, Microfinancing Malaysia's Experience View
  • Microfinancing by Commercial Banks:  The Regulatory Initiatives

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