Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Free Firefighting eBooks

McGraw-Hill; 1 edition | December 3, 2007 | ISBN-10: 0071477691 | 418 pages | File type: PDF | 2.74 mb.  Chief Ronald Spadafora of the New York City Fire Department has created this test prep guide and career handbook to give you the very latest formation about firefighter testing and employment. With three decades of experience in the fire service, Chief Spadafora is uniquely qualified to lead you through every step of the recruiting process. This all-in-one resource will give you the edge to do your best on the day of the exam and throughout your firefighting career.

Firefighting is a highly sought after career that only the best can get. Because so many people want to work in this highly challenging and rewarding field, numerous candidates apply for each job opening. Firefighter Career Starter provides just the edge candidates need. This book sorts out the complicated job application process, and provides detailed information on the different types of jobs available in the field. It even explains how to succeed once you’ve landed your firefighting job. Throughout the book, experts provide key information based on the knowledge and wisdom of those who beat the odds to get a job as a firefighting professional.

Different e-books containing the important elements of fire fighting techniques may be downloaded at PDF eBooks.  Scores of books to choose from.  Fight the FIRE now!!!

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