Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mental Illnesses

Free eBooks on Mental Disorders

Springer | 2010 | ISBN: 1441956700 | 300 pages | File type: PDF | 3.7mb.  Memes are bits of information that are replicated and passed on across individuals and generations. Memes arose when the human brain acquired the capacity to imitate others and supplement the genes as a means of providing information to the developing individual.Memes, unlike genes, have evolved rapidly in the course of human history and form the building blocks of culture. Unlike genes, memes can be stored outside of the organism in the form of written language, recordings, and in the digital form that can be replicated and transmitted without intervening human brain, like computer viruses. They imbue the environment of the developing individual with nurturing as well as noxious material, all ready to infect the receptive, plastic brain.

Publisher: Thomson Gale | ISBN: 0787657689 | edition 2002 | File type: PDF | 1189 pages | 12,1 mb.  Mental illness is a major cause of disability in the U.S. Thirty million people visit physicians and two million spend time in hospitals every year because of mental disorders. The Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders provides a good overview of mental illness, psychotherapy, and other treatments. It includes both traditional and alternative therapies. Medical writers, pharmacists, and mental health professionals wrote and edited the 400 signed, alphabetical entries in the set.

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Free Books on Mental Disorders!  Books Download Free is a website where you can download these free e-books.  Titles include:
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Measuring Psychopathology
  • Disordered Mind and Brain
  • Living with Anxiety Disorders
  • Manual of Psychiatric Therapeutics, 3rd Edition

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