Monday, November 15, 2010

Computer Viruses

Free eBooks on Computer Viruses

The Giant Book of computer Viruses. This book will simply and plainly teach you how to write computer viruses. It is not one of those all too common books that decry viruses and call for secrecy about the technology they employ, while curiously giving you just enough technical details about viruses so you don't feel like you've been cheated. Rather, this book is technical and to the point. Here you will find complete sources for plug-and-play viruses, as well as enough technical knowledge to become a proficient cutting-edge virus programmer or anti-virus programmer. 

The Little Black Book of Computer Viruses: The Basic Technology.  This is the first in a series of three books about computer viruses. In these volumes the author wants to challenge you to think in new ways about viruses, and break down false concepts and wrong ways of thinking, and go on from there to discuss the relevance of computer viruses in today’s world.

Various articles on computer viruses are available at QUESTIA.  Here are some full-text books that you may read online.
  • An Introduction to Cybercultures
  • Hackers: Crime in the Digital Sublime
  • Viruses: New Strains, New Solutions
  • Crime and the Internet ("Computer Viruses and Worms")
  • Protection Against Computer Viruses, in Journal of Accountancy

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