Friday, October 29, 2010

Singapore History

Singapore History Free eBooks

Beyond Description:  Singapore Space Historicity.  Publisher:  Routledge | ISBN: 0415299829 | edition 2004 | File type: PDF | 240 pages | 10,7 mb.  Beyond Description explores the history and architecture of Singapore. It argues that neither history nor architecture can be fruitfully examined without reference to the other. For this reason, aspects of urban life will always be beyond description, yet these aspects are what most call for analysis. On this premise, the book examines Singapore's built environment by assessing how its past as a colonial port relates to its present as a global hub and how these inform its possible futures. The chapters complicate existing assumptions about global urbanism, post-colonialism and architectural theory from a dedicated interdisciplinary perspective.

Read full-text books and articles on Singapore history at   Read sample books online.  Book titles include:
  • Opium and Empire:  Chinese Society in Colonial Singapore
  • The Politics of Nation Building and Citizenship in Singapore
  • Singapore in the New Millennium: Challenges Facing the City-State
  • Ninettenth-Century Malaya: The Origins of British Political Control

Read online the History of Singapore at my personal blogspot.  I wrote the article when I visited Singapore last 2006.

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