Friday, October 22, 2010

Indian Culture and Traditions

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Ever wonder about the customs and traditions of exotic India? Why does an Indian bride wear red? What is a bindi? What are weddings like in India? Do arranged marriages still exist?  The answer to these questions and more are inside! Please click on a link below to learn more about Northern India.  Link:  Pardesi Fashions.

India boasts of strong culture and traditions. carries you to the different aspects of its life: lifestyle lounge, weddings, yoga, home decor, beauty, astrology, fitness, nutrition, gift ideas, party ideas, spirituality, and more.

India is the most diverse and secular country with people from all religious backgrounds.  Having such a diverse and varied population, India is a country of festivals and occasions. The festivals of all religions are celebrated throughout the nation bringing everyone closer. The three national holidays – Independence Day, Republic Day and Gandhi Jayanthi are celebrated nationwide. Apart from that there are different other religious festivals observed across India. Then there are some local or region specific festivals celebrated by the people of that particular region. will take you to the different places of India.

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