Sunday, September 19, 2010

Guitar Lessons

Free Guitar Lessons eBooks

Download a free guitar lesson e-book! A high quality guitar lesson ebook may be found at  The Guitar Players Toolbox.  Whether you are a beginner or advanced beginner guitar player, this e-book is for you. Authored by an experienced guitar teacher, this 100+ page ebook will guide you through all the basics of learning to play the guitar. It's packed with practical, nuts-and-bolts information to help you master the essential guitar skills.

Guitar chords are amazing! You can play thousands of song with just 3 of them.  Learn the Guitar Chord Secrets now. Free instant download at  offers a free guitar lesson e-book for download. In the book, you will find five free lessons to get you started learning the guitar. It also contains video and audio files to illustrate some of the examples in the e-book. The topics covered include: 
  • How to Hold Your Guitar
  • Tuning Your Guitar
  • How to Read Guitar Tablature
  • Hints for Buying a Second Hand Guitar
  • How to Play in a Band
...and more.

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