Monday, August 16, 2010

Marine Engineering

Free Marine Engineering eBooks

Download free marine engineering e-books from  Book titles include:
  • Introduction to Marine Engineering
  • Marine Structural Design
  • Naval Architecture
  • Marine Auxiliary Machinery

The principles of chemical oceanography provide insight into the processes regulating the marine carbon cycle. The text offers a background in chemical oceanography and a description of how chemical elements in seawater and ocean sediments are used as tracers of physical, biological, chemical and geological processes in the ocean. The first seven chapters present basic topics of thermodynamics, isotope systematics and carbonate chemistry, and explain the influence of life on ocean chemistry and how it has evolved in the recent (glacial-interglacial) past. This is followed by topics essential to understanding the carbon cycle, including organic geochemistry, air-sea gas exchange, diffusion and reaction kinetics, the marine and atmosphere carbon cycle and diagenesis in marine sediments.

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