Thursday, August 12, 2010


Free Hydrology eBooks

Free hydrology e-books are available online for public viewing and/or download. Browse the 2020okDirectory and get the latest of these hydrology e-books. Titles include:
  • Alluvial Fan Flooding
  • Opportunities in Hydrologic Sciences
  • Ground Water Vulnerability Assessment
  • In Situ Bioremediation, When Does It Work?
  • Forests, Climate, And Hydrology: Regional Impacts

Download free book “Unsaturated Zone Hydrology for Scientists and Engineers” from U.S. Geological Survey in PDF format. This book presents systematic, integrated A-to-Z coverage of state-of-the-art unsaturated zone hydrology. Multi-disciplinary in approach, it provides both a soil physics and an engineering approach to unsaturated zone hydrology. Coverage begins with the basic physical properties and the behavior of clays, and moves on to contaminant transport and other parameters such as spatial variability, scaling, and fractals in the earth sciences.

Under the category of Environmental Engineering, find free HYDROLOGY e-books at  Book titles include:
  • Concise Hydrology
  • Groundwater Hydrology
  • Advanced Fluid Dynamics of the Environment
  • Technical Guide to Managing Ground Water Resources

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