Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Free Aviation eBooks

Search for free aviation e-books at PDFOO.com. This site contains PDF files on aviation which you may download -- for free. Topics include:
  • Helicopters
  • Model Aviation
  • Safety of Aviation
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aerospace and Defense

Free Aviation Ebooks and Manuals

Browse subcategories in aviation ebooks and manuals at OnlineFreeEbooks.net. Subcategories include:
  • Military Aircraft
  • Aircraft & Helicopter Technical
  • Regulation, Safety and Training

In the same website, you will find the most sought-after manual in aviation, the Airplane Flying Handbook 2004. This PDF book is designed as a technical manual to introduce basic pilot skills and knowledge that are essential for piloting airplanes. It provides information on transition to other airplanes and the operation of various airplane systems. It is developed by the Flight Standards Service (US), Airman Testing Standards Branch (US), in cooperation with various aviation educators and industry.

Great AVIATION e-books may also be downloaded at PDFee.com. Book titles include:
  • The Boeing 737 Technical Guide
  • Aircraft Maintenance Training Facility Design Guide
  • Squadron Operations and Aircraft Maintenance Unit Design Guide

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