Sunday, June 20, 2010


Free Philosophy eBooks

Read Summa Theologica and freely absorb a wealth of information on Catholic Teachings, theology, and scholastic philosphy. The voluminous work contains teachings on the nature of God, the angels, man, the work of creation, the sacraments, epistemology, the afterlife, death, sin, grace and much more. The following articles each examine a traditional Catholic teaching and illustrate St. Thomas Aquinas' treatment of the teaching in his work. A philosophical proof is offered at the end of each article. For those who are unfamiliar with philosophy in general or scholastic philosophy in particular, We highly recommend reading Introduction to Scholastic Philosophy.

You can read online or download this book in PDF form or plain text at Christian Classics Ethereal Library.

Every so often you may need a printed copy of a particular article or question from the Summa Theologica. On this site, you will find PDF versions of every question and every article of the Summa Theologica suitable for printing.

You may download free philosophy ebooks from Free-eBooks. There are categories in education, general philosophy, and metaphysics.  Topics include:
  • A Discourse Upon the Origin and the Foundation of the Inequality Among Mankind
  • A Treatise of Human Nature
  • An Enquiry Concerning the Philosophy of Morals
  • Beyond Good and Evil

Philosophy ebooks written by different authors may be found at  Memoware. Topics include:
  • Radiance: Experiencing Divine Presence
  • Intense Psychiatric Philosophy
  • Hindu-Yogi Essence of Breath
  • How to Apply the Secret Law of Attraction
  • The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science

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