Friday, June 25, 2010

Meteorology and Climatology

Free Meteorology and Climatology eBooks

Are you interested in weathers and climates? Then meteorology and climatology books are right for you! In 2020ok, browse free online ebooks on meteorology and climatology. The sites may ask to buy a book, but a link is provided for free PDF download. Titles include:
  • Coastal Meteorology: A Review of the State of the Science
  • Elemental Meteorology
  • Modern Meteorology
  • Tropical Meteorology, Spring 2005

Free eBook:  Mountain Meteorology, Fundamentals and Applications
Mountain Meteorology: Fundamentals and Applications offers first an introduction to the basic principles and concepts of mountain meteorology, then goes on to discuss their application in natural resources management. It includes over two hundred, beautiful, full-color photographs, figures, and diagrams, as well as observable indicators of atmospheric processes--such as winds, temperature, and clouds--to facilitate the recognition of weather systems and events for a variety of readers. It is ideal for those who spend time in or near mountains and whose daily activities are affected by weather. As a comprehensive work filled with diverse examples and colorful illustrations, it is essential for professionals, scholars, and students of meteorology.

Download free climatology related ebooks from eBooksHome. This amazing e-library contains a wealth of scientific articles on climates and weathers. Titles include:
  • Global Warming - Myth or Reality: The Erring Ways of Climatology
  • The Use of GIS in Climatology and Meteorology
  • Anthropogenic Changes to Planet Earth
  • The Encyclopedia of World Climatology

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