Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Free Photography eBooks
FREE ebook lesson tutorial for the amateur and professional photographers. 25,000 words of wisdom from self employed professional freelance photographer.  FreePhotoResource is a great resource. The informative guide offers tips, insights, info and resources for all levels.

Photography ebooks may also be found at AcrobatPlanet.Com  Topics include:
  • PDF Ebook Whale photo-identification
  • PDF Ebook Liquid
  • Photography                                  
  • PDF Ebook Compendium for Digital Photography
  • PDF Ebook Computational Photography
.... and much more!

8 free photography e-books are available at AdmaxNetwork:

1.  Tinker Tubes - Personal Lighting Systems by Dean Collins
2.  Lighting 101 by David Hobby                                            
3.  JPG Magazine by 8020 Publishing
4.  The Image Space Tips and Tricks collection by Joe Barrett
5.  Wedding Photography eBook by Edwin Leong
6.  Technique by Andrew Smit
7.  Starting a Photography Business (An Overview)
8.  Street Photography

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