Monday, May 24, 2010


Free eBooks on Dinosaurs

Free Dinosaurs eBooks:   Download your copy from  Titles include:
  • Dinosaurs and Other Mesozoic Reptiles of California
  • Dynamics of Dinosaurs and Other Extinct Giants
  • The Bone Museum:  Travels in the Lost Worlds of Dinosaurs and Birds
  • The Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt
  • Time Traveler:  In Search of Dinosaurs and Other Fossils from Montana to Mongolia

 Download DK Guide to Dinosaurs, for free. 

All about dinosaurs-all in Dorling Kindersley style. Using the most accurate models ever produced, DK Guide to Dinosaurs blends lifelike dinosaurs replicas with photorealistic scenery. The resulting images bring dinosaurs and their strange world back to life in astonishing detail. Visit the dank swamps, moving seascapes, and sun-scorched deserts that marked and molded the lives and ultimate demise of the dinosaurs. Packed with mind-boggling dinosaur facts, records, and timelines, DK Guide to Dinosaurs profiles key species from Barosaurus to Tyrannosaurus and features many of the latest discoveries, including Giganotosaurus and the feathered Caudipteryx. The front cover of this jacket features a pack of Giganotosaurus dinosaurs charging through the conifer forests of Argentina, 95 million years ago. Bigger even than the colossal Tyrannosaurus rex, Giganotosaurus is now thought to have been the largest predator ever to walk the Earth.

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