Thursday, May 13, 2010


Free Astronomy eBooks

Ever since we were young, we had some questions about stars, moon, and outer space. It is natural for us humans to wonder at these celestial objects that are very far from earth.  Now, your questions will be answered - for free. At 2020k, you may browse free ebooks on astronomy. Very scientific and very professional, these books were written by competent authors. Categories include:
  • Astrophysics & Space Science
  • Comets, Meteors & Asteroids
  • Cosmology
  • Star-Gazing
  • Solar System
  • Universe 

FreeBookCentre.Net is the web site where ebooks about astronomy are offered for free online viewing and/or download. Topics include:
  • Modern Observational Cosmology
  • The Hot Big Bang Model
  • Astronomy Lecture Notes
  • The Fundamentals of Stellar Astrophysics
  • Astronomy Answer Book
..... and a lot more!

If you prefer PDF books, then you may visit  PDFoo, where you may download scientific materials about astronomy and related sciences. A total of 22 web pages of amazing resources are available in your findertips. Topics include:
  • Space Based Astronomy Educator Guide
  • Origin of the Milky Way Galaxy
  • Beyond Einstein: From Big Bang to Black Holes
  • The Planet Mars
  • Science Bowl Questions and Answers

If you want your children to become astronauts someday, or simply want them to learn about astronomy, then let them visit, where they will have free online classes and have fun "travelling" through space....

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