Friday, April 2, 2010

Reading eBooks in Education

Great books about READING!  Online eBook Libararies!

FL Recommended Reading List:  This is a listing of Florida state's reading list for elementary and secondary schools with links to over 70 books on the list that are currently available online for free.

eBook Reading Strategies:   Effective Reading Strategies applied to eBooks. The eBRS Program was developed to assist students in the metacognitive process as they learn how to learn by providing active strategies to help them organize, understand, and learn material. eBRS provides strategies for students concerning discussion, reading, writing, vocabulary, and assessment.

Classroom Lesson Ideas:  A collection of lesson concepts that can be used in a variety of classroom situations.

eBooks in Higher Education: Applications and resources for using eBooks with college courses.

eBook Readers:  compairson of vairous ebook reading devices, their specifications, displays, formats, etc.

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