Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pets and Pet-related eBooks

Free eBooks on Pet Care

In Free-Ebooks-Canada, you will find a free e-book on Dog Basics and Training.  Learn the latest techniques in canine care and training.  Now !                          

    Browse over different pet libraries, or simple get free ebooks about your pets. Aside from cats and dogs, they have free ebooks on birds, horses, fishes, small pets, farm and livestock, pond and garden, and - oh yes, reptiles. You can have these free ebooks at Cheap Pet Store.

    First Aid and Emergency Care for Cats and Dogs. Preparing for a medical emergency involving your pet is always best accomplished before the event takes place. This free eBook is designed to help guide you through the important decisions about first aid, as well as how and when to transport your pet quickly and safely to a veterinary hospital or emergency facility.

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