Thursday, April 29, 2010

Environmental Science

Free Environmental eBooks

In Environmental Science website, e-books are offered for free online viewing and/or download.  Books in this category include:
  • Acceptable Risk: Making Decisions in a Toxic Environment
  • Africa: Atlas of our Changing Environment
  • An Introduction to Energy Sources
  • Atmospheric Pollution
  • Coal and the Environment
  • Concise Hydrology
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Fundamentals of Air Pollution Engineering
  • Metal Mining and the Environment
  • Modeling Environmental Complexity
  • Stratospheric Ozone
  • Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air
  • The Challenge of Global Warming
  • The Forgiving Air: Understanding Environmental Change
  • The Green Fuse: An Ecological Odyssey

In, you may get free ebooks on Environmental Science.  Book titles include:
  • Environmental Forensic Principles and Applications
  • Principles of Environmental Chemistry
  • Innovations and the Environment
  • The Compromise of Liberal Environmentalism

Environmental Engineering Books Free Download

Grand Solution Manual offers free ebooks on:
  • Encyclopedia of Environmental Science and Engg.
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Standard Handbook of Environmental Engineering
  • Dictionary of Ecology
...and many more!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

English as Second Language

ESL Monkeys offers online resources for teaching English as a second language. It offers free teaching materials in the form of ebooks and downloadable documents, beginning lessons and intermediate level lessons, low level activities for Adult ESL, article usage for many non-native speakers of English, ESL/ bilingual resource guide for mainstream teachers, PowerPoint presentations, and much more. GET IT ALL HERE.

At ESL Galaxy, you will get free ESL printables, kids activities, games and online exercises for grammar, vocabulary & pronunciation. This great site is an ESL resource portal for educators and students. In addition, they have a new ESL Kids Lab, which offers fantastic free resources for kids. Don't miss it. Visit the site now.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Teaching Resources

ESL Lesson Plans, Materials and Activities

Free ESL Printables, Kids Activities, Games and Online Exercises for Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation

ESL Galaxy offers over 2368 free printable worksheets for ESL lesson plans and ESL Activities; and there are more additions every other day .The worksheets include: Board Games, Crosswords, Grammar worksheets, Vocabulary Worksheets, Theme or Topic lesson plans, Pronunciation, Survival English, Song and Video Activities, Word Search Puzzles, Festivals & Holiday Worksheets, Prefixes/Suffixes Word Formation,ESL conversation & Communicative Activities, Game and Writing Templates, Cloze & gap fill exercises, We also have ESL Games and ideas for ESL Classrooms, Powerpoint downloads, Matching & Collocations, Reading & Writing Exercises, Complete Lesson Plans. GET IT ALL HERE.

Free ESL for resources for kids are one of our best offers. Never again worry about lesson plan for young learners because we have free worksheets, Video Slides, Powerpoint presentations, Interactive Quizzes, Games for Classrooms, Flashcards, Kids Grammar, Reading; Spelling Worksheets and more to take off the burden of kids lesson planning. Most links point to our ESL KIDS LAB.

Free resources for teachers of young learners.  All of the resources are designed to be versatile and useful in many K-6 classrooms. We have free flashcards, worksheets and handouts to match, free phonics cards, free ESL games, an international project exchange library, printable certificates, printable stickers and activities all ready for printing. Download from MES English, Free Printables for Teachers.

At, you will find teacher resources including free ESL handouts and quizzes, PDF lesson plans, teacher articles and a directory of teaching and reference resources.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chess eBooks

Free Chess eBooks

Free downloadable chess eBooks are available at Chessville. The ebooks on this site are either in the public domain or are copywrited by Chessville authors.  Books include:
  • 700 Chess Problems by Mrs. W. J. Baird
  • Chess Openings by Frank J. Marshall
  • The Art of Chess by James Mason
  • The Chess Player's Handbook by Howard Staunton
  • The Elements of Chess by Francois Philidor                                    
and much more! is happy to offer free chess e-books for your chess reading enjoyment.

You may also register at the site and play online chess.

If you want to see brilliancy moves, go to Brilliant Chess Games, an excellent repository of short and brilliant games of chess.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sports eBooks

Are you into sports?  For physical fitness buffs, there are scores of free ebooks for you to read and enjoy.  A comprehensive directory of sports ebooks are available at WISDOM ebooks.    Sample books include:
  • Pocket Bike Secrets
  • Pitching eBook
  • Basic Golf Tips and Tricks
  • Fishing Secrets
  • Karate Tips
  • Amazing Strategies for Winning Tennis

Free sports ebooks are also available for manual download.  Visit and you will get free pdf files about fishing, golf, water sports, soccer, rugby, tennis, and much more!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pets and Pet-related eBooks

Free eBooks on Pet Care

In Free-Ebooks-Canada, you will find a free e-book on Dog Basics and Training.  Learn the latest techniques in canine care and training.  Now !                          

    Browse over different pet libraries, or simple get free ebooks about your pets. Aside from cats and dogs, they have free ebooks on birds, horses, fishes, small pets, farm and livestock, pond and garden, and - oh yes, reptiles. You can have these free ebooks at Cheap Pet Store.

    First Aid and Emergency Care for Cats and Dogs. Preparing for a medical emergency involving your pet is always best accomplished before the event takes place. This free eBook is designed to help guide you through the important decisions about first aid, as well as how and when to transport your pet quickly and safely to a veterinary hospital or emergency facility.

    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    Internet Marketing

    Internet Marketing, Advertising, and Business books can be obtained for free at Web Source. Learn how to develop a home business blog, how to develop killer Internet marketing strategies, how to design a website specifically designed to sell your product, how to write killer ad copy, how to accept payment online, how to set up an affiliate program, and much more!

    Learn to work from home, and build your own money-making site in 15 minutes or less.

    Make sure you don't miss this powerful resource.  Go to the site now and you will receive download instructions instantly.

    For start-up companies in the Web, you may visit Startup Internet Marketing and get free marketing ebooks suitable for small businesses.   Plus, you will get weekly tips on how to effectively run your business!!

    Wednesday, April 14, 2010


    Free Construction eBooks

    Over recent years there have been significant developments in construction management, notably new procurement methods, greater emphasis on innovation and partnering, a greater reliance on cost planning as a methodology, and new developments in both industry and governmental reports and guidance.  Books of this nature will help guide you all the way.  You may get these for free at

    The job of the estimator is explained in detail at every key stage, from early cost studies, through the preparation of the estimate, to the creation of budgets for successful tenders. Each step is illustrated with examples and notes, and appropriate technical documentation. Download this free ebook at Media Fire.

    For more free construction-related ebooks, pleae see 2020k.

    Browse through our extensive list of free Business, Computer, Engineering and Trade magazines, white papers, downloads and free eBooks to find the titles that best match your skills and interests; topics include management, marketing, operations, sales, and technology. Impressive list of ebooks at Free-eBooks,

    Monday, April 12, 2010

    Free Engineering Books

    Get free engineering and technical books at:

    Digital Signal Processing                                      Genomic Signal Processing and Statistics
    High=Fidelity Multichannel Audio Coding            Computer Programming Books
    Project Management Books                                  Software Engineering eBooks
    Certification books                                              Electronics books
    Physics books                                                      AI and Robotics books
    and much more!

    You may download all these at

    More technical books can be found at

    Computer Science, Mathematics, Web Design and Development,  etc.

    Friday, April 9, 2010

    Personal Development eBooks

    The Definitive List of Free Personal Development Ebooks

    • 114 Ways to Celebrate Life
    • 5 Secrets to Attracting Everything You Want
    • 5 Simple Steps to an Awesome Life
    • 84 Tips on Overcoming Procrastination
    • Career Satisfaction from Within
    • .....and much more

    Change your life at The Change Blog. 

    More Personal Development eBooks!  Download free at Enhance Life.

    New to personal development?  Know your own mind!  Take a free in-depth Personality Test.

    Thursday, April 8, 2010

    Money and Finance eBooks

    • The Science of Getting Rich
    • Starting Your Internet Business Right
    • The Greatest Marketing Secrets
    • eBusiness eBooks                        
    Get all these -- and much more -- at

    If you are a Filipino, and you want to save money then you may go to Frugal Pinoy and get a Free Personal Finance Ebook.

    Get Personal Finance eBooks!   Get money saving tips for the holidays -- free.   Download from Moolanomy Personal Finance.

    Wednesday, April 7, 2010

    Free Mathematics ebooks

    This website contains free e-books and guides on Mathematics, which can be viewed online or downloadable in pdf, chm, rar or zip.

    Subjects like Algebra, Geometry, Analysis, Topology, Applied Mathematics, Calculus, Differential Equations, Combinatories, Discrete Mathematics, Graph Theory, Number Theory, Probability Theory, Statistics, Set Theory, Trigonometry are included. 

    Mathematicians and students, download today at FreeBookCentre.Net.

    Aside from mathematics, contains links to thousands of free online technical books. Which Include core computer science, networking, programming languages, systems programming books, linux books and many more. 

    Tuesday, April 6, 2010

    Geology eBooks

    Free eBooks in Geology, earth sciences, and related fields.  Topics include paleontology, plate tectonics, geochemistry, volcanoes, basaltic volcanism, coral reefs, volcanic islands, deserts, earthquakes, fossils, geologic time, isotopes, natural gemstones, etc.

    Related categories include Engineering Geology, Petroleum Geology, Stratigraphy, Medical Geology, Medical Geochemistry, Petrology of Sedimentary Rocks, Planetary Geology, Principles of Geology, Theory of Seismic Imaging, and many more.

    You can see all these at 2020ok.

    The eBook Directory

    If you are looking for top quality free ebooks, you have come to the right place because The eBook Directory is the biggest directory of free downloadable ebooks online. To access thousands of ebooks simply browse the various categories on the left or simply use the search box above. 

    They have free magazine subscriptions too!

    Plus free 100 Home Business eBooks!

    Thousands of free ebooks at your fingertips.

    If you are an ebook author and wish to submit a free ebook, simply select the category and use the "Submit eBook" link.

    Friday, April 2, 2010

    Reading eBooks in Education

    Great books about READING!  Online eBook Libararies!

    FL Recommended Reading List:  This is a listing of Florida state's reading list for elementary and secondary schools with links to over 70 books on the list that are currently available online for free.

    eBook Reading Strategies:   Effective Reading Strategies applied to eBooks. The eBRS Program was developed to assist students in the metacognitive process as they learn how to learn by providing active strategies to help them organize, understand, and learn material. eBRS provides strategies for students concerning discussion, reading, writing, vocabulary, and assessment.

    Classroom Lesson Ideas:  A collection of lesson concepts that can be used in a variety of classroom situations.

    eBooks in Higher Education: Applications and resources for using eBooks with college courses.

    eBook Readers:  compairson of vairous ebook reading devices, their specifications, displays, formats, etc.

    And more! Visit drscavanaugh now.
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