Thursday, March 18, 2010


Pragmatic ADO.NET is a practical guide to using the first data access services designed specifically for Web-based applications. This tutorial provides developers with a clear introduction to ADO.NET, and gives practical solutions for using it effectively.

The book begins with a concise history of Microsoft's Universal Data Access strategy and the evolution of technology that has led us to ADO.NET. The core of the book demonstrates how to use ADO.NET to interact with databases and the rest of the .NET framework. In addition, readers learn by example the best practices for using ADO.NET to build scalable, high-performance systems. Pragmatic ADO.NET includes numerous code examples in C#, and features implementations in Visual Basic .NET and C#, along with updates on the technology. The book concludes with an appendix detailing strategies for migrating from ADO to ADO.NET.

To download PRAGMATIC ADO.NET, Click here.

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